Monday, July 2, 2007

8. Photos of CNMI Thespians in the States

MCS junior thespian, Anna Rose Deleon Guerrero, took some photos of the trip to the ITS Festival. She says that no photos were permitted during performances or during the individual events, and when they were in workshops, she was too busy to take photos. So all of these are before and after the actual Festival events.

She flew into Wichita, Kansas, to meet with the students from the Forensics competition and travel with those who were also going to Lincoln to the ITS Festival. While there, they saw CLUE, the musical comedy.

Anna Rose Deleon Guerrero, Harold Easton, Mark Anthony Liban, Adelayah Mojica, Rachel Reyes, Richelle Denora, Mrs. Liban, at a theatre in Wichita, Kansas.

Of course, the students took breaks, shopped and ate.

Ryan Gutierrez (Harold Easton and Andrew Golden in background)

Anna Rose Deleon Guerrero, Joan Liwanag

Aisha Joyner, taking a break from shopping at Target.

Tommy Baik

Rachel Reyes, Moon Lee, Adelayah Mojica, all at Target, Lincoln, Nebraska

Anna Rose Deleon Guerrero, Richelle Denora, Jaythan Camacho

Johnna Lubuguin, outside their hotel in Lincoln

Richelle Denora, Johnna Lubuguin, at the hotel in Lincoln

Anna Rose Deleon Guerrero, Johnna Lubuguin

Tori Brown, at a cafeteria at University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Moon Lee, Akieko Dela Cruz, at University of Nebraska


TGFFT: Thespian Giving Food For Thought said...

Nice pics guys. Can you e-mail me some?

Saipan Writer said...

I'll have more on the blog in about 10 days. (I missed the original hoped-for upload, and I'm traveling at present.) I think you can download directly from here.

TGFFT: Thespian Giving Food For Thought said...

Ok then. Thanks. And tell Anna I said hi. Be sure to e-mail me.