Sunday, June 22, 2008

80. Festival News & Notes #14-Students Depart for Festival!

Saturday, June 21, 2008, 13 CNMI students left Saipan for the International Thespian Festival in Lincoln, Nebraska. Yay! (Two more are already in the states, attending the NFL competitions first.)

Dora Borja Miura, SSHS math teacher, arrived early to check in and be ready to help with all the traveling students' check-ins. And she was happy and perky!

Students line up at 7 AM to check-in. (Miki Nadia Dela Cruz and Johnna Lubuguin, Royze Banados and Dayanara Flores, Anna Rose Deleon Guerero, Jimmy Baik, and Victor Sablan.)

MCS team members Anna Rose, Jimmy, and Victor.

The arty girls, Kyoung Min Park (costumes) and Myrene Evangelista (set design), juggle extra cargo at check-in.

Shauna Brown, another troupe director chaperone, stands in line with Moon Hyo Lee and Reece Brown.

The last ticket is handed off to Matt Wheat, who arrived on time, but was last because everyone else arrived early!!!

Front row: Johnna Lubuguin, Dayanara Flores, Royze Banados, Anna Rose Deleon Guerrero, and Myrene Evangelista.
Back Row: Sung Woo (Jimmy) Baik, Victor Sablan, Sung Yul (Tommy) Baik, Miki Nadia Dela Cruz.
Absent from photo: Moon Hyo Lee, Kyong Min Park, Matthew Wheat, Reece Brown. They were still waiting their turns at the check-in counter.

EDIT add-on. The press release I sent in made both the Variety and the Tribune.

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