Friday, June 20, 2008

#79. Festival News & Notes # 13-Break a Leg!

Everyone has been given their costume and props for the Chapter Select and Free-Style shows. Everyone has been given a packet of programs and handbills. By sharing responsibility for transporting these to Lincoln, we save money: we don't have to pay for extra luggage or cargo to take these. Please don't forget to bring these!

Your suitcase may weigh not more than 50 pounds. And only one suitcase per person. One carry-on, too.

DEPARTURE: June 21. Please be at the airport no later than 7 AM, with your passport in hand. This will help avoid making our fearless chaperones worry. And you don't want worried chaperones!

WEATHER: In Lincoln, NE, the current weather ranges from low 60's to high 80's, and they're having and predicting more thunder storms. Bring an umbrella, if possible.

Please gather in front of the counter at the airport for a photo shoot before you leave. I hope to put a short news release in the papers.

Break a leg!

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