Wednesday, June 25, 2008

81. Festival News & Notes # 15-the early reports

The news is trickling in.

Team CNMI students have settled into their dorm rooms at University of Nebraska. They're paired up into rooms, but because there is an odd number (15) of CNMI students, one is paired with a student from another place: Matt Wheat is rooming with a boy from Michigan.

Monday, they attended the workshop on preparing for Individual Events (IEs). Anna recognized a workshop presenter from Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park (from attending a summer camp there a few years ago).

Matt Wheat is wearing his ITS/CNMI sash (a graduation sash) as a means of promoting his candidacy for ITO officer for region 1. It's attracting attention, which is good promotion for him.

Team CNMI attended the student production of CHICAGO. Some production photos are posted on the EdTA site.

IEs happened today. Anna is disappointed because she forgot to set the stage with a chair before starting, but in true show-biz fashion, she carried on and performed her piece (Forget About the Boy from THOROUGHLY MODERN MILLIE). She watched Miki Nadia perform her solo musical number (from AIDA) and reports that Miki did well. I'm still waiting to hear about the others. Evaluations from the judges aren't usually distributed until later in the week.

Tonight (well-Tuesday night Nebraska time, which is our Wednesday), CNMI students will be attending HAIRSPRAY, the production by the national cast. Should be starting just about now (noon, local time). Sounds like fun!


michelle said...

Hairspray is such a great musical!

Saipan Writer said...

I wouldn't know! I've only seen the movie (which is fun).

I'm guessing the TEAM CNMI is having too much fun, or are just too busy, because I haven't gotten any more reports!