Monday, October 29, 2007

29. TWPI Radio Show

This is your chance to be on the radio! Here's a notice from Mr. Easton, our Thespians of the Western Pacific Islands' chapter director:



Starting this Sunday at 3:00pm @ The MHS Studio Theatre (101D), a new “Saipan Radio Theatre” Project – Great Scenes from Western Theatre.
Scenes and Playwright Biographies will be recorded for Radio Station KRNM.
This can count toward NFL points, and the scenes could be used in Competition.
If you are interested – just “show up!!!!!


Your participation will also earn you troupe points. (I have to see how long each session is, but you'll get at least 1/2 a point and possibly 1 full troupe point for each session.)

Friday, October 26, 2007

28. CANCELLED-- NOTICE--Next Meeting

CANCELLED--due to retreat at Maturana.

The next meeting for the Junior Thespians, troupe 88799, is Tuesday, October 30 at 12 noon in the teacher's lounge!

The agenda includes distribution of ribbons and evaluations from the Thespian competition of October 20, 2007.

And we'll discuss the next competition, your choices for performance, and how to use the evaluations to improve.

If you're in middle school, but haven't yet participated in any of the junior thespian troupe activities, come to the meeting. (And read this blog for more information about us.)



This meeting will be re-set. Sorry for the inconvenience. I'll send your riboons and evaluations to school so you don't have to wait any longer for them. Check with your troupe president, Anna, if you don't yet have your envelope with ribbon/eval.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Yay! MCS rocked the competition.

Solo Musical:
1st place: Anna DLG
3rd place: Victoria Camacho

Duet scene:
2nd place: Anna DLG & Mariel Ferrer

1st place: Jimmy Baik and Victor Sablan
2nd place: Lourence Camacho and Kevin Kim

You can see all of the competition results here.

P.S. Victoria--remember how I said you should really go for Monologue? There was only ONE competitor in monologue! You would have gotten at least a 2nd place if you had just competed! Oh well!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

26. Congratulations!

Congratulations to our seven middle schoolers who competed in the first Thespian Competition!

Jimmy Baik
Lourence Camacho
Victoria Camacho
Anna Deleon Guerrero
Mariel Ferrer
Kevin Kim
Victor Sablan

You guys ROCKED! I'm impressed that you summoned up the courage to compete in a room filled with other middle and high school students from around Saipan, with various parents and a panel of three adult judges! It was almost like American Idol!

I don't yet know the competition results, but no matter where you placed in the competition, you should feel great about your efforts, talent and achievement in participating.

The next competition is November 17, 2007, at 1 PM at MHS, Room D-101.

We'll meet when I get your ribbons (because I just know that you did well), and talk about what you can do next.

Monday, October 15, 2007


QUICK UPDATE: Theatre Sports Friday morning, October 19, with Mr. G! This is a special activity period (because Mass is cancelled due to a funeral). Troupe members--please participate and HAVE FUN!

1. Thespian Competition Saturday at MHS Room D-101. Sign up starts at 1PM; competition starts at 1:30 PM. If you need a ride, let me know. I can ride you from MCS after NIGHTMARE practice, if you want. (And make sure you get some lunch.) You'll be working on Competition Points by participating.

If you just want to watch (Angeliya and Ginny!), please feel free to come and support your troupe members, and get comfortable with the competitions so that next year, you can compete, too.

2. Another play on stage this weekend: “SISTERS ROSENSWEIG”, a Wendy Wasserstein comedy about contemporary family issues. It will be performed at the Pacific Island Club on October 19th and 20th at 7 PM and on the 21st at 3 PM. The show costs $12 for adult FOA members, $15 for non-members, $10 for all children 4 through 11 years of age, and no charge for under 4 years. The price will include a selection of beverages and a dessert plate. (For the adults--There will also be an open bar at reduced prices.)

MCS Troupe members--If you want a TWPI discount, tell me and I'll get your tickets for just $6.00 each. If you attend, you'll get 1 troupe point (towards your induction goal of 10).

3. Other news: Auditions for Friends of the Arts production of SCROOGE are set for Monday, October 22 at MHS room D 101 from 6PM to 9 PM.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

24. Meeting Notice & Photos

Next meeting is October 4, 2007 at 12 noon. I'm hoping this will be in Mr. G's classroom (B-102), but I'm waiting for confirmation. We'll be working on three things:

1. finalizing our script/song choices (monologue, duo, solo musical) for the first Thespian competition set for October 20;
2. brainstorming ideas for mime "stories" for the first Thespian competition; and
3. practicing introductions for the competition.

On Tuesday after school, the troupe had fun with the mime workshop, learning some basics about liquids; the 'framed' world of doors, windows, tables, shelves; small objects; complex objects; handles; and choreography/coordination.

Here are some photos:
Mr. Harold Easton, Chapter director, instructs MCS students in the art of taking a sip of tea.

Victor Sablan walks through an imaginary door.

The students get a driving lesson.

Jimmy Baik and Anna DLG. drive while the other students ride along.

It's not so easy to get out of an invisible car.

Students coordinate their actions to catch a person jumping from a burning building.

Mr. Easton and Victor move a box.

Mr. Easton adds to the list of basic topics.

MHS Thespians Tommy Baik and Moon Hyu Lee demonstrate a story through mime.