Tuesday, March 11, 2008

45. Festival 2008 News & Notes #1

The ITS Festival is scheduled for June 23 to June 28, 2008, at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. We're still waiting on final results to know who is on the CNMI's Team 2008, and whether we'll have funding to go.

But in the meantime, I'm canvassing for details of what's in store for you, if you do get to the Festival this year. So periodically, I'll post some "notes" on this topic.

This is the first one--on the frivolous side.

WHO DO YOU WANT TO BE? In Theatre, in Life?

To encourage socializing and to give you a chance to relax after spending hard days in workshops, showcases, productions and auditions, ITS hosts several dances. Each dance has a "theme" because, of course, ITS knows how much Thespians like to dress up. This year's dance themes are as follows:

Tuesday: 60's Hairspray-- to celebrate the national cast production of "Hairspray." Get out your teasing combs, girls, and plan on having "big hair" for this one!

Wednesday: Red for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids (BC/EFA) (Of course, wear red.)

Thursday: Fashion Faux Pas (Mix and match clothes, or wear out of style clothing. Should be easy for some of you!)

Saturday: All Grown Up. (Wear formal wear. Look pretty!)

Be sure to take pictures at the dances. I want to be able to blackmail you, I mean, tell everyone how much fun you had and how well you participated in Festival events.

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