Wednesday, September 12, 2007

21. Important Message about Competitions

The Thespian competition schedule is posted at TWPI Competition Schedule. It might be changed, but until it is, we should plan on being ready to compete on the dates shown.

We have a Troupe 88799 meeting set for September 20, 2007 at 12 noon at MCS Room B-102. Please be sure to come to the meeting and bring your suggested competition piece(s) with you. If you're doing mime, write out a short skit ahead of time. Edit, added 9/18/2007. If you want to see a mime skit from the national competitions, you can watch a you-tube video here: Mime of the Carribean. I also hope to have a lesson in mime for you in early October, taught by Hal Easton (Chapter director), with demonstration by Tommy Baik and Moon Lee (Saipan students who earned the highest rating possible, a "superior" in mime at the 2007 Festival).

If you don't have anything prepared for your competition choice--monologue, duet acting, mime, solo musical-- come to the meeting anyway. I'll have some extra materials (on monologue, duet acting and solo musical theatre) that you can select from for your first competition piece. Mime competitors will brainstorm ideas for original composition and performance.

I want to make sure each of you has a good chance at winning a free trip to the summer 2008 International Thespian Festival in Lincoln, Nebraska.

ANY MCS middle school student can compete. Now is the time to join. Just come to the meeting. It is important to compete in every scheduled competition, because cumulative points determine who wins the trip.

See you there.

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