Wednesday, October 3, 2007

24. Meeting Notice & Photos

Next meeting is October 4, 2007 at 12 noon. I'm hoping this will be in Mr. G's classroom (B-102), but I'm waiting for confirmation. We'll be working on three things:

1. finalizing our script/song choices (monologue, duo, solo musical) for the first Thespian competition set for October 20;
2. brainstorming ideas for mime "stories" for the first Thespian competition; and
3. practicing introductions for the competition.

On Tuesday after school, the troupe had fun with the mime workshop, learning some basics about liquids; the 'framed' world of doors, windows, tables, shelves; small objects; complex objects; handles; and choreography/coordination.

Here are some photos:
Mr. Harold Easton, Chapter director, instructs MCS students in the art of taking a sip of tea.

Victor Sablan walks through an imaginary door.

The students get a driving lesson.

Jimmy Baik and Anna DLG. drive while the other students ride along.

It's not so easy to get out of an invisible car.

Students coordinate their actions to catch a person jumping from a burning building.

Mr. Easton and Victor move a box.

Mr. Easton adds to the list of basic topics.

MHS Thespians Tommy Baik and Moon Hyu Lee demonstrate a story through mime.

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