Sunday, March 30, 2008

52. Nice Job, MCS Middle School Mock Trial Team!

The MCS Middle School Mock Trial team did a great job on Saturday. Billy Ocampo was the smart, organized, and persistent lead counsel, assisted by the commanding and prepared students--Carmen Borja and Rina Park. The witnesses, with great acting skill, were Frank Villagomez, Anna Rose Deleon Guerrero, and Victoria Camacho. The Mock Trial coordinators awarded certificates of recognition to Rina Park, Carmen Borja, and Frank Villagomez. Congrats!

Although there were no official "team winners," I'm glad to offer my professional opinion that the MCS middle school students beat the SIS competitors (Sev Tured, Andy Nutting, Chris Barry, Amy Hudkins and two other students.)

Here are some photos from the event.

MCS students, supported by the high school Mock Trial Team, break after a prayer before the competition begins.

The MCS High School team (coaches), eagerly await the start of the competition.

Galvin Guerrero and Joe Taijeron show relaxed confidence.

Grace Christian students sit in the courtroom, waiting for their turn. (The student in the middle is Stacia Schweiger.)

SIS competitiors (Sev Tured, Chris Barry, and ?) represent the defendant.

Carmen Borja and Billy Ocampo do a last minute review.

MCS team Rina Park, Carmen Borja, and Billy Ocampo wait, with witnesses Victoria Camacho, Anna DLG, and Frank Villagomez seated behind them.

The MCS witnesses get into character.

The opposing witnesses (Chris Barry, Amber ?, and Amy Hudkins) are all smiles, apparently unaware that "Frank Camacho" a/k/a Chris Barry is headed to jail!

MCS parent Nora Borja came to support her child.

Humanities Council director Paz Younis makes opening remarks.

Court official Glenn Mendoza lays down the rules for use of the facilities.

Mock Trial coordinator Teresa Kim explains the competition rules, while the CNMI Bar Association's Suzanne Steffey stands by.

Frank, Anna and Billy are proud and happy when the competition is over.

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