Tuesday, April 29, 2008

59. Thespian Scholarships

A note to the high school Thespian readers: Seniors can now apply (until May 7) for an EdTA / Thespian scholarship. These are available to seniors in high school who have at least a good academic GPA, have been admitted to college, and will be pursuing some theatre-related studies, either as a major or minor.

You can get more information here .

Theatre-relted studies includes anything in theatre, music, communications, drama education, and similar course-work.

The Thespians of the Western Pacific Islands typically contribute to the fund, as does EdTA. Students who win one of these scholarships typically receive up to $1,000 in UNRESTRICTED funds, which can be used for books, supplies, or other needs while at college. (Money is paid to the college or university where you're attending, and then accessed while there.) Of course, you can apply it toward room and board, if you want.

TWPI chooses the recipients, and tries to include at least two or three students each year as award winners, and tries to select students from various schools in the CNMI.

If you've done any drama work this year at all and you attend a school with a Thespian chapter (Mount Carmel Seniors--this means you!), then you may want to apply for this scholarship. When you're going to college, every bit helps.

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