Friday, June 1, 2007


Congratulations to the first MCS students ever to be inducted as Junior Thespians into the International Thespian Society:

Victoria Camacho,
Anna Rose Deleon Guerrero,
Chelsei Encio,
Xandra Peter,
Kassandra Snodgrass,
Frank Villagomez, and
Lee Ann Yarobwemal

Yay! The seven Junior Thespians are in the front row of the photo below.
The induction ceremony also included twelve high school students, who were inducted into MCS's Troupe 5690--Letitia Cabrera, Francine Camacho, Erlyn Dalan, Matthew Deleon Guerrero, Hazel Doctor, Jake Igitol, Patricia Matagolai, Ryan Ortizo, Angela Salas, Cyd Tribiana, Ruby Ann Venus, and Nicolette Villagomez. Pictured above, in the second row (except for Cyd who is in the front), along with MCS Principal, and Troupe 5690 director Galvin Deleon Guerrero.
Also to be inducted, but accidentally omitted in the last-minute rush of preparations, are Mayble Ayuyu and John Babauta, Beauty and the Beast. Sorry for the mistake.
Congratulations on the ITS honor.
Yay for the high school Thespians! You inspire the MCS junior thespians.

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