Friday, June 8, 2007

5. ITS Festival--June 25-29

The International Thespian Festival is set for June 25th through the 30th in Lincoln, Nebraska. You can read about it here .

PSS awards the top winners in the local competitions with travel vouchers to the ITS Festival. This year's CNMI winners (high school Thespians and middle school Junior Thespians) include:

Ryan Gutierrez
Johnna Lubuguin
Richelle Denora
Moon Lee
Tommy Baik
Joan Liwanag
Dayanara Flores
Tori Brown
Akiko Dela Cruz
Nevin Salem
J. Camacho

The last two are 6th graders from San Antonio School who won in the Junior Thespian mime competition! You can see the full results here .

None of the SY 2006-2007 winners are from MCS, because our students didn't compete for the full schedule. However, Junior Thespian Anna Rose Deleon Guerrero competed in all but the first competition and won a blue ribbon in the regionals. Her total score was not enough to get a free ticket from PSS, but she will participate in the ITS Festival at her own expense.

One of the goals for Troupe 88799 next year is to compete in the TWPI competitions all year long. We'd like to see MCS represented at the annual ITS Festival, where our students would participate in workshops and presentations in all aspects of theatre, enjoy the fun and meet other Thespian students from around the U.S. and world. The high school students can also audition for colleges.

This is a great opportunity for the new MCS Junior Thespians.

The categories for competition are monologue, duet scene, mime, and solo musical. Junior Thespians--be thinking about what you'd like to do next year. Feel free to use the comments section here for your questions and ideas.

And watch this blog for possible posts from Anna Rose about the ITS Festival.


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