Tuesday, November 6, 2007

31. News and Notices--Competition Practice Sessions

We had a good meeting today where we reviewed evaluations from the last Thespian competition and discussed how to use them to improve performance.

We also welcomed two students to the meeting: Tony and Sky.

Each of you should be rehearsing your piece for the next competition, set for NOVEMBER 17. You can either do the same piece you did at the first competition, or try something new. The same rules apply:

Solo musical--must be a song from a play or movie. One student; you must have an instrumental-only cd as your accompaniement. 5 minutes or less.

Monologue--must be two contrasting monologues from plays or movies; one student; total time must be 5 minutes or less.

Duet acting--must be a scene from a play or movie. 2 students with about equal roles; 5 minutes or less.

Mime--must be original story, mime only. one or two students. 5 minutes or less.

PRACTICE SESSIONS (Be prepared to present your piece):

1. Monday is a holiday. You are invited to my house to practice. Call or e-mail to set the time, or talk with Anna Rose.

2. Tuesday--troupe meeting at lunch period (11:30 AM). Room A-205.

No matter how badly you think you'll do, whether you've had enough rehearsal or not, come to at least one of these practice sessions. It will help! Better to make your mistakes in practice than at the competition.


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