Saturday, November 17, 2007

33. Thespian Competition--November 17, 2007

Congratulations to the MCS middle school students who participated in the Thespian Competition today, November 17, 2007. Our troupe 88799 ROCKS!

(L to R: Mariel Ferrer, Anna DLG, Victor Sablan, Jimmy Baik, and Victoria Camacho.)

I don't yet know your scores or places in the competition, but I'm proud of each of you for working on your pieces, and performing them. I loved that you sat together in the competition and supported each other. I loved that Mariel ventured into new terrain with solo musical. Each of you have shown a commitment and determination that makes you winners, whether you get blue ribbons or not.

And if you're at MCS middle school and missed this competition, don't worry. There's another one on December 15. It's never too late to take the plunge. Or come back and try again.

STAY TUNED for announcement of your results.

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